My mac says there is 0mg of free space. Help?

Answer Slightly wrong (trying to be diplomatic). Your Mac says nothing. The OS version ______ is saying this. Tell what you are using, as in "I am using OS version _______" We need more FYI.The system can... Read More »

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Drive C says there isn't enough space. Help!?

are you kidding me?Delete some crap off your hard drive....

Is there any other way to free up space on my hardrive besides disc clean up. That Does not help.?

Go to my computer, and then to add/remove programs & delete old games, programs, pictures or downloads you rarely use.

My computer says i need to free space on my C drive, how do i do that?

I'd start with a disk cleanup - go to start - all programs - accessories-- system tools and disk cleanup. It will remove unneeded temp files, etc. Also, go to my computer, and right click on the C ... Read More »

Im trying to install Hitman Absolution but it says not enough disc space ineed 23944MB and i have free 280214M?

You can get like a 250gb hardrive for really cheap like twenty bucks I got my terabyte for eighty. Just pop in some extra storage and it should install just fine.