My mac isn't showing any pictures in web pages like Facebook and Google pictures.?

Answer If this just started happening and was working correctly before now AND you haven't installed anything in between working and not working...Run basic maintenance: repair permissions and verify disk... Read More »

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Pictures showing up twice in Facebook Group?

Hi!Yes this sometimes happen to me, I check about this on FB and this is some kind of bugs issue that they have! You can just leave it like that and the (copy will be deleted by itself.)Blessing!

Facebook not showing some newly uploaded pictures on timeline,?

I run a page on facebook, and im having issues. I think its with them.

When i search up pics on Google Images only little pages come up no pictures!!!!!!?

Try a different browser. Chrome should have all the apps you need to see their images.

This girl keeps posting the same pictures over and over on facebook. is there a way to block the pictures but?