My lower back hurts so bad... I need help?

Answer Take Tylenol. If this doesn't work, get to a doctor, it could be something more serious.

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HELP! lower back really hurts?

Hello there: try this get a hot bath and add some Epsom's salts. This will relax your back muscles. it will really help you with the pain. You have a fine day.

Lower back pain hurts to move message does not help going on for 6 days now?

Marion, I am going to ask you to do a series of exercises that may not seem to be related to your back but they will help you. First sitting in a straight chair turn your head to the left as far a... Read More »

Lower back hurts really bad?

i had the same thing.I'm 15 aswell. i went to the chiropractor and it really helped. i also went to a Massage person, and it helped relax my muscles. i recommend going to the chiropractor at least... Read More »

What is the best medicine for lower back pain Need help from a doctor?

If you keep taking the anti-inflammatory medicines, you are just blocking the body's natural healing mechanisms. It will make you feel better in regard to pain, but will inhibit the healing proces... Read More »