My little java program gives me errors please help!?

Answer class exercise3b{ public static void main(String[] args){int x = 5;while ( x > 1 ){x = x - 1;}if ( x < 3){System.out.println("small x");}}}

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My JAVA keeps crashing and I cannot use any Java site. PLEASE HELP!?

I always update browser's and Flash Player and lots of other stuff at FileHippo. I updated Java today, and have had no problems: this helps.

How can you get android software instead java on your java mobile phone please help you out?

My little java program will complie but not run. Blinking at CMD, Is this normal?

while ( x < 10) {if ( x > 3) {System.out.println("big x");its an infinite loop. x will always be = 1, which is why the while loop is infinite, and nothing is outputted to screen cuz x is never > 3... Read More »

A little help with Java?

If you want the first and last letter or their first name, you can use the charAt method to get the character at that position. Say you have two char variables that will store the first and last le... Read More »