My lips are really chapped--what can I use besides chapstik?

Answer nivea cream is good

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How to Fix Really Chapped and Peeling Lips?

Really chapped and peeling lips can be painful, as well as unsightly. It is difficult to apply lipstick on chapped lips, and peeling lips are undesirable when it comes to kissing. Since the primary... Read More »

My lips are really chapped and to get rid of redness?

First, Wash off all the flavoring that may be left, especially in the corners. Then apply Petroleum jelly, vaseline on them a few times a day. Long before all the fancy stuff was made, Petroleu... Read More »

What can I do for chapped lips?

What to Do for Chapped Lips?

Chapped lips can be caused by so many things that it is pretty hard to prevent the condition. If you eat a healthy diet, remain hydrated and protect your lips from harmful weather, then you are on ... Read More »