My lip stud is to small?

Answer I don't think it has anything to do with your lip. Maybe you should try going back to the place where you got the piercing and ask for help.

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Help with getting your mom to say yes to a small nose stud.?

Let her know that once you get it pierced there is still time to take it out and let the hole fully heal, so if you hate it you can still change your mind. Promise her that you will clean it every ... Read More »

What size gauge is a nose stud and a labret stud 10 points!?

Labrets average sizes are 14 or 16g. Nose is 18 or 20g.

Changing labret stud to ring pain/labret stud length?

is it the same kind of metal as ur stud? if not u could be allergic.. i guess not tho or maybe ur ring is too small? it probably is because of the shape of it to be honest i mean imagine the stud, ... Read More »

I have found an original, very small loft room in my small Edwardian Terrace. How was it originally used?

I starred your question because I find it interesting and I was hoping someone could give you an answer or even an idea of the room's purpose. I personally have no idea myself, but I would suggest... Read More »