My leg won't stop bleeding!! Help me?

Answer yes, a nurse!! Get to the bloody hospital! Numpty!!! lolHave you gone yet? I suppose after 24 hours another 26 minutes wont do much harm!

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Help friend wont stop bleeding?

He is probably deficient in vitamin K. There is plenty of vitamin K in broccoli and spinach.

A person taking an anticoagulant for a pulmonary embolism accidentally cuts his hand The cut won't stop bleeding Administratoin of what vitamin may help stop the bleeding?

My arm wont stop bleeding!?

take a warm cloth and put it on your wound and apply preassure. try that for 5-10 min but uhh you may want to do that while your waiting in the ER. call the doctor asap

Cut on finger. wont stop bleeding?

lift your finger higher than your head for 1 hour.