My leg hurts every time I run, what is wrong?

Answer you have a prolapse.

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Every time I swallow it hurts?

For the other people who answered, Ofcourse the person know that he/she can go to a doctor but then there is no need of asking it here...huh.. Anyways...The will be a buldge or swellin... Read More »

I recently had a cold, now every time I swallow my throat hurts?

It's only a day later... You're probably still sick. If you're that worried about it, go to the doctor, otherwise just ride it out.

Every time I charge my TV via a USB port on my computer, my blender goes NUTS! What am I doing wrong?

I dunno but work with it! Make a pina colada or somethin.

What does it mean if the lower part of the stomach is hard and hurts every time you push it and if its been about a week since unprotected sex is it pregnancy?

AnswerPregnancy is a possibility because you participated in unprotected sex although you usually wil not begin to show any physical signs of pregnancy until at least 3-4 weeks since the egg usuall... Read More »