My left side hurts! What could it be!?

Answer You could have simply jarred yourself. Depending on how you fell, it could be anything from broken to a pulled muscle to a sprain. Alternate between an icepack and a hot washrag. It will make any s... Read More »

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What could it mean if your left side hurts?

On One Hand: Serious CausesPain on the left side of the body may be caused by any of several serious conditions such as kidney stones, kidney infection or heart attack.On the Other: Common CausesPa... Read More »

The left side of my left foot hurts every time I put pressure on it and when walk/run?

You need to rest your foot and apply ice till the pain goes away.

My 5 year old is experiencing sharp pains in her left shoulder and to the left side of her torso below the ribs She is also running a high temperature What could be causing this?

Left side of my chest hurts...why?

ok.... I've always been weird about my heart... Sometimes it skips beats and my chest hurts, and I've went to the hospital about it!! There are several things that it could be. THE MOST common thin... Read More »