My left hand typing is fast my right hand is really dumb and slow?

Answer Macon Bevis typing

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What is wrong with Morgan Freeman's left hand. Saw him on the Jay Leno show and he did not use his left hand. Looked like there was a glove on it?

His hand was paralyzed in a car accident in 2008. Surgery to correct the paralysis has failed. The glove is to keep the swelling down.

Serious question. my left hand, little pinky is swollen--taking advil to keep it from getting out of hand...?

Sounds like you might need an x-ray diagnosis & treatment.Funny, when I read the question on its surface, I thought it was a play on words....finger hurts...taking Advil to keep it from getting, "O... Read More »

Why does your 5 year old son start writing with his left hand and finishes with his right hand?

it is probably easier for him i used to be like that but i settled into being left handedThe boy has not yet " decided " which hand he will use to write with. At a certain point, his brain will dec... Read More »

Why does my left hand shakes but my right hand doesn't?

When you use a muscle electric impulses run through from the brain in order to move the way you plan to. In this case the nerves on your left hand seem to be overly stimulated which is my you have ... Read More »