My left foot (on the side) keeps throbbing and I don't know why?

Answer Could be growing pains? depending on how old you are. Try taking some paracetamol? Hope it gets better soon:-) Hannah.

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The left side of my left foot hurts every time I put pressure on it and when walk/run?

You need to rest your foot and apply ice till the pain goes away.

I cut my foot on something metal (dont kno what it is). It's really deep and keeps bleeding.ER or not?

If it is deep you will need stitches. If you do not go it will take a long time to heal and will be very sore and there could be complications also. You may need a tetanus shot also.

This man keeps ringing you and you dont know who he is so what shall you do?

I'm haveing A sharp pain in my heart and left arm i dont know why?

It's likely nothing to worry about, but it doesn't hurt to see your doctor and discuss your symptoms. It could be as simple as heart burn or acid reflux, both of which there are medications for or ... Read More »