My left eye has a burning feeling, I can't open it?

Answer You have a headache and that is caused by tight neck muscles. The muscles go to the top of your head where they connect to muscles going around your head. When the neck muscles get tight they pul... Read More »

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Is a slight burning feeling in your stomach or a burning cold feeling in your breast a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, I get the burning a bit in my breasts, and i have had tingling in my stomache. I am 5 weeks along.

Burning/sting feeling from sprain ankle?

The burning from the sprained ankle could be due to traction on the nerve ending or tissue damage. You need to tell this to your doctor for possible treatment.

How do I relieve the burning feeling of my burnt thumb?

I had the same problem at a picnic! i burnt my hand on the BBQ. I kept it in ice but it hurt whenever i removed it. So i took a band aid n put a lot of pressure (but not too much pressure!) on the ... Read More »

Burning feeling in leg .. Bite What can it be Should I seek medical attention ?

Is it a burning feeling on the skin? Is it deep in the leg? Do you feel heat when you put your hand over the area? Is your leg swollen at all?If the pain is just on the skin and you don't see an... Read More »