My left ear is clogged and it is about to get on my last nerve.?

Answer Since your ear isn't hurting, this tells me you have wax build-up... Most doctors clean your ears using a large irrigation syringe with a straight tip. They fill it with warm water and hydrogen per... Read More »

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Why is the nerve under my left eye keeps twitching.....?

You might be tired. I've noticed that happens to me any time I don't get enough sleep the night before. It usually fixes itself when I go to bed and sleep though. Try that and if it doesn't work, e... Read More »

I cooked spaghetti sauce last nite and forgot n left it sitting out. would it be ruined after about 7 hours?

If you made it with meat, cream, or butter, I would toss it.

Where is the left tibial&peroneal nerve anatomy located?

The peroneal nerve encircles the knee joint and controls movement and sensation of the lower leg.The tibial nerve is in the lower calf and controls movement and sensation of the underside of the fo... Read More »

My doctor says i have a weak nerve in my left eye is this curable?

my Optometrist when I was a kid had me wear a patch over my strong eye for a couple of hrs a day to train the weaker eye to pick up slack and do its job. I didn't need glasses either, one was lazy ... Read More »