My left breast hurts to the touch. ?

Answer that sort of thing has happened to me before except it wasn't that painful just very sensitive and painful also on my left one. for me it went away in a few days so unless the pain is still there a... Read More »

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My left breast hurts I'm afraid it could be something serious please help!?

If you'r embarrassed to talk to your parents, then talk to your school nurse right away. You need to talk to a health service provider as soon as possible.

I have a small pimple like bump on the left side of my head in the scalp area. It hurts when I touch it...?

Put some toothpaste on it before you go to bed. You can put a small patch of Kleenex on top so it doesn't make a mess. It should dry it up in a couple of days.

I'm having a big round thing on my left boobs, its very painfull to it a breast cancer?

Breast cancer is within the breast, not on it. If you have a painful inflammation ON your breast, it is most likely a skin condition.

Your son has had a large lump on the left side of his neck just above his collar bone for a few months now with some change and it is visable and is semi hard to the touch He doesnt act like it hurts?

Answer simple answer, goto the doctor! It's serious enough to be noticable to you and have it hang around for months and obviously it's abnormal. Why take the chance? It could be anything from a cy... Read More »