My left arm hurts please help?

Answer bad flow of blood going through. think of ways to increase its flexibility and stretch slowly and see a doctor

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My talus bone on my left foot hurts please help !!!!?

Get an x-ray done, or consult a doctor. Due to the Talus' odd placement, it is one of the slower bones to heal. Judging that you've been able to walk and play soccer for 3 months, I'd say it's not ... Read More »

Please help I'm dying. Left temple, eye, ear , above ear hurts?

Maybe you have a migraine or an eye infection. I doubt you're going to die, but if it's really bad, get someone to take you to the emergency room.

The top left side of my head hurts. help please thanks.?

take time off, see a doctor, wear a sunhat from now on.

My left breast hurts I'm afraid it could be something serious please help!?

If you'r embarrassed to talk to your parents, then talk to your school nurse right away. You need to talk to a health service provider as soon as possible.