My left arm has been twitching for hours. Is that bad?

Answer Most likely the muscle is responding to excess use. If you worked out today or lifted something heavy then that's probably what's going on. It should stop soon. If you did not work out or lift anyt... Read More »

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The bottom lid in my left eye has been twitching for 24 hours. What to do?

i would say you're probably just tired or stressed. maybe you've been watching tv or going online for too long. take a nap and give your eyes a rest. put some ice on it if it helps and go to a doct... Read More »

I left onion rings out for an hour (Might of been a few hours idk), are they ok to eat?

They will be fine to reheat and eat.Chetak

Why is the nerve under my left eye keeps twitching.....?

You might be tired. I've noticed that happens to me any time I don't get enough sleep the night before. It usually fixes itself when I go to bed and sleep though. Try that and if it doesn't work, e... Read More »

Can you eat half a lemon that has been sitting out for like 5 hours?

It should be totally fine. The rule of thumb is don't eat anything out over 4 hours at room temperature, however, lemons are very acidic so they should be a-okay.