My leather sofa got soaked,after i dried it there is an awful foisty or can i get rid of the smell?

Answer This is probably caused by mold or mildew and you will need an enzyme cleaner that will kill this and then eradicate the smell.Em Clean has been formulated for this purpose and has been tested on l... Read More »

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Why does water that comes from my kitchen sink smell so bad not sulpher Also after dishwasher runs dishes smell awful?

Is the Piave leather sofa Italian leather?

According to Chateau Dax Leather Furniture, Piave uses only 100 percent Italian top-grain leather in the making of its furniture. This type of leather is extremely durable and is unaltered. The top... Read More »

Getting rid of awful old wood smell?

How about Cedar oil... (a newer wood smell if you like that smell)or Vanilla which will mask the scent.BUT.. make sure the 'awful' smell is not coming from dry rot or mold. Hiding the smell will ... Read More »

Laundry/ bedsheets stored in plastic bin in closet smell awful?

There are two reasons for that "gross smell". First, the plastic bin is giving off a smell. There has always been a issue with plastics, but plastic production is getting worse and worse, because o... Read More »