My laptop's 'running low on virtual memory'... what should i do?

Answer Here is what happening when you have a warning sign showing " virtual memory is low warning". Your computer uses physical memory, aka RAM, and virtual memory. Virtual memory is used to simulate mor... Read More »

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I am using a computer with windows xp and 704mb of ram. How can I make it quit running out of virtual memory?

Try right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties, then go to the Advanced tab and click the Settings button for Performance. Under the "Visual Effects" tab, change that from letting Windows... Read More »

Windows says my virtual memory is low. friend says i prob have too many processes running. what can i do?

If you want to know what processes do what when you click on the task manager, check this website…

How Big Should Virtual Memory Be?

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How much virtual memory should you set?

On One Hand: Conventional WisdomThe amount of virtual memory, or swap space, you allocate for your computer depends on your system. The general rule is to set aside twice as much space for virtual ... Read More »