My laptop stopped working!?

Answer i bet its oldif its old thats normal u should get a new oneif its not old than u have a charger problem

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Why has my laptop stopped working..............?

probably a virus or else u've got some alien software dat cannot work on ur computer and dat it disabled ur laptop...its da same as mine but I got rid of it and bought a new one...Try fix m... Read More »

Why has your laptop blue ray stopped working?

My Acer laptop touchpad has stopped working. What should I do?

Try Fn+F7. My Acer laptop is an Aspire 4520 and this is the key combination in enabling the touchpad.Fn key is located in lower left corner. F7 is one of the function keys at the top center of ... Read More »

My clumsy daughter has spilt water on her laptop and it's stopped working what should I do?

The good news was it was water rather4 than anything sticky.Take the battery out Open the laptopand turn upside down to drain any residual waterLet the laptop dry out - it may take a few days - do... Read More »