My laptop seems to be getting heavier the more songs I download. Is this normal?

Answer LOL!Try compressing the songs or shift them onto an ipod. then it will lighten the load. Ok the the joke's over now, you just wasted 5 points

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I have my laptop on continually nearly every day and it seems 2 get very hot underneath is this normal?

yes it's normal..hence the usual advice is not to have it on something which stops the heat coming out dont put it on a cushion ..its not a good idea to even put it on your lap. Put it on a fl... Read More »

If i download too much songs on my ipod will it get heavier?

I'm not getting 2 songs that I Downloaded from ITunes. Keep saying unable to download at this time. Done/Retry?

Try checking your internet connection and try sometime later. Since you have downloaded songs fro itunes, i assume that you have purchased the 2 songs. So don't worry they will definitely be downlo... Read More »

Needing more local channels and better TV reception in this area however unable to get cable or Dish or Direct TV or Netflix on this laptop but do have satellite for this laptop but it is slow.?

Call 888-782-3892 to see if they can help! Press one (no matter what just press one) to get a general representative to help you.