My laptop screen is showing everything upside down. how can i fix this?

Answer right click the desktopselect graphics optionsselect graphics propertiesit's in there under rotation

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The screen of my Pc is showing upside down how can i resolve this?

yup, 'very handsome' is right. If you press ctrl+alt+up arrow the screen should come back to normal. I was playing about with keys and suddenly found my screen showing from left to right. I put it ... Read More »

My screen is upside down help me !!?

Right click on an empty space on the desktop,when menu comes up,go down to graphic options,a smaller menu will appear,move cursor down to rotation and when small menu comes up click normal.

My screen is upside down/?

Click the taskbar, there's an icon below and it will allow you to change it right side up. Guess someone was messing with you, I've done it at work to other people for fun and lack of security.

Why is everything on my screen upside down?

As had been suggested, alt+ctrl+up arrow.OR open control panel, open the Intel GMA/Extreme software click display settings and on the right (left for you?) where it says enable rotation, put the do... Read More »