My laptop password..I gave it out!?

Answer when you get it back, change the pass. and yes, it must be ok, let's hope he is a pro

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What rights do surrogates have to the child that they gave birth to and gave away?

Once biological parental rights are terminated (TPR) and legal adoption of the child is complete, the adoptive family gains and maintains all rights to and responsibility for the child.

You cosigned on a Rainbow vacuum for your mom and she gave the vacuum away as a gift and now she has past away can you go after the person she gave the vacuum to?

Why is my hyacinth plant still living after you gave it salt water Why are my other three hyacinth plants still living after I gave them water soda and milk?

a single dose wont kill them, if you continue to do it the saltwater plant will die, the milk watered plant will get sick and the soda water one will be fine

If you gave birth, or going to?

I felt relief that it was over (pregnancy and birth). I couldn't see straight because I'd been pushing so hard- they put him on my tummy after he was born, and I felt his squishy hair and said "my ... Read More »