My laptop keyboard create some sort of sound "tu" when I press a third key on the same time.?

Answer go to control panel -->accessibility optionson the keyboard tab you will see "StickyKeys", choose setting on "StickyKeys" then disable all...

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Can't press 2 arrows at the same time on my keyboard?

A virus that does that is unlikely, but remotely possible.Sounds more like your keyboard isn't the "quality" item you think it is. But try pressing all affected keys, and all "modifier" keys (alt,... Read More »

Develop templates of standard sorting algorithms such as bubble sort, insertion sort, merge sort,& quick sort?

This particular homework assignment requires a lot of coding examples. And they are easily available from the Internet by doing a simple search. And if we spoon-fed you your answers, you will not... Read More »

When i press number 3 on my keyboard i get a # instead of a £ ?

You are running in US keyboard .Go to control panel, regional settings, check keyboard setup.Alternatively, you might see a blus square with "EN" on it, on the righthand side of your taskbar, click... Read More »

Keyboard inserts " instead of @ when i press shift + 2, why dat?

You have the keyboard set to the UK settings instead of the US oneYou will have to go into the Mac equivalent of Region and Languagesand change the keyboard back to the US settings.