My laptop keeps on giving errors and shutting off?

Answer sounds like you might also be overheating. do you have a cooling pad?you can also try updating your drivers, found here…hopefully, its just a driver probl... Read More »

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Toshiba laptop keeps shutting off?

I think it's the battery. Batteries have a warranty for a year. When the year is up, the battery gets flaky from times to times. Happened to me. I only have 6 mins on it now without plug in.You may... Read More »

My laptop keeps shutting its self off ,can someone help me?

I called on Fordman to see if he can help you out. He is a smart man. Helped me with my computer. I'll never forget him for that. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I have missed you. I bet your ... Read More »

Laptop keeps shutting off while im using it, Blue error screen..?

Blue screen is also called "Blue screen of Death".It is a big problem in computers. it comes by many reasons.1: Windows corrupts.2: damage of hard disk.3: Damage of motherboard.4: Ram may be out of... Read More »

How to Check for Errors on Computer Without Shutting Down?

PC users usually power down and unplug the machine before attempting to troubleshoot for hardware errors. If you open the case while the computer is running, that could damage hardware or cause you... Read More »