My laptop is infected with ants what to do?

Answer OK you got some options.........1. as answered before...........take it to technician and make it clean2. try to use the hair dryer idea3. try to switch on the laptop for long time .... so that you... Read More »

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Is my laptop really infected?

Whatever you do don't buy into that spyware thing. First thing, try rebooting your computer and clearing the temp files. If you don't know how to clear the temp files, e-mail me directly and I'll t... Read More »

Could my laptop be infected?

Unless you're always redirected to a specific website when browsing the web you aren't infected. Most likely the website has moved to a different location and that's why you're being redirected. Th... Read More »

There are ants living it my laptop...What do i do?

Probably the easiest way to do it is to get some compressed air. That way you will most likely kill the ants and more importantly not hurt your laptop. If you dont have any laying around you just m... Read More »

Laptop filled with ants?

Here is a trick. Make some tea with more sugar ( 5 or 6 tea spoon ) and put it on a glass and place it safely near the laptop. Within minutes the ants in your laptop come to taste the sugar. Let th... Read More »