My laptop is hit hard by a trojan virus my norton anti virus 2006 has expired so cannot clean it,need help?

Answer You can download:1) iolo antivirus ( )2) Avast ( )3) AVG ( )

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Norton anti-virus expired?

Contact the Support and ask them why it's expired .

How do u get norton anti virus 2006 for free?

Norton anti virus 2006 free?

For free? Nowhere legal.If you want 2005 for free, go to Google Pack:…Otherwise go for a free antivirus that won't slow your system to a crawl such as AVG... Read More »

What's a good anti-virus that i can download for free, except for Norton Anti-virus?

The Best: AVG 8.0 ( Most Effective: Avast 4.8 ( was the only AV program to find 100/100 viruses in the wild (simulated) but Avast has that Pre-Boot sca... Read More »