My laptop has a mind of it's own. please help me.?

Answer Don't know if this is the same problem you are having but...When this happens to me it's cause the "heal" of my hand gets to close to or actually touches the touch pad which the laptop interprets a... Read More »

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Keeping in mind education and research which laptop is better.......................?

hi friendit doesn't matter which brand you use...these are my suggestionsfor internet, the network connectivity is good in dellfor gaming, apple will suit you the mostfor education purpose i recomm... Read More »

I sold a laptop on eBay - and the "buyer" refuses to send payment until he recieves the laptop - - - ?

Definitely do not send the laptop before you get paid, thats how people get scammed. Tell him that either he pays you and as soon as you receive payment you will send it, or the purchase will be vo... Read More »

Is this laptop any good Alienware AM11x-826CSB Gaming Laptop (Cosmic Black)?

To run games like skyrim first you need a 4 gb ram stick in the computer and graphics card that is compatible with the graphics used in the games. Normally the better the quality card the better. N... Read More »

Can i use my laptop as a wireless router and transmit the internet connection wirelessly to another laptop?

It can be done fairly easily in Windows XP. There is a detailed guide on Microsoft's website:…