My laptop battery light is flashing?

Answer It means that there is loose wiring in the charger. The charger may have been pulled or damaged.. If it is only green when you put it in a certain position most likely means to buy a new charger.. ... Read More »

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What does a flashing battery light mean on a Dell D810?

A flashing light on the Dell D810's battery is an indication that the battery is not charging or otherwise not working properly. Refer to the service manual for troubleshooting and replacement inst... Read More »

What does a flashing orange battery light mean on a dell d810?

The Dell d810 doesn't have a flashing orange battery light. However, if the battery light is alternately flashing orange and green on a Dell d810, it means that the battery is too hot to charge. Th... Read More »

Why when the laptop is plugged in and there is no indicator light on the battery?

There are a few checks you can run before taking it in for repair ~ check it's plugged in correctly, which may sound silly, but check that the power connector is firmly seated. If it's suddenly wob... Read More »

What does a flashing red light mean?

A flashing red light means you must stop at the intersection before proceeding. This traffic signal should be treated the same as a stop sign. Violation of this signal is a criminal offense.Referen... Read More »