My laptop LCD screen is damaged where is the best place to go to get it fixed?

Answer You can ask at the Geek Squad they will be honest and tell you if it's worth fixing or just purchasing a new one.

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Laptop screen broken, How much does it cost to have it fixed?

To replace the screen, it might cost anywhere from $200 to $300 depending on the size. However, you can keep using the laptop with a regular computer monitor by plugging the cable in and pressing t... Read More »

If a flat LCD tv screen is fixed on the wall, jus tbelow the blower unit of split AC, will it affect TV screen?

Probably not. That being said, there's one sure fire way to find out.... Try it and see.

I have a 6 month old JVC 56FN97 that has developed a dark spot across the bottom of the screen that seems as though the screen is delaminated or something can it be fixed?

AnswerFigured it out... this may help you, doing it from memory so I may have the number of screws off a bit, but the rest is correct...It was windex (thanks to my kids). Here's how to fix it (on a... Read More »

My phone got water damaged a month ago, can it still be fixed?

put it in water and phone apple and say the sound doesnt work xx then say you havent done anything to it and they should check it out and give you a replacement :) if they say its water-damaged jus... Read More »