My knees keep popping?

Answer Yes ; Arthritis: make sure to drink a lot of milk or take calcium pills !Another thing that helps is take a vitamin B Complex twice a day ! B Complex is good for the bones and joints !

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How can I fix my knees?

Why do my knees go in?

Genetics? From wearing thongs/flip-flops? From not walking properly? From having a straight posture? No idea, to be honest - I have the same problem. My mum says that I will grow out of it, all my ... Read More »

How to Get Smooth Knees?

The knees can be a difficult part of the body to get soft and smooth. Hot air and low humidity can contribute to drying of the skin and subsequent roughness and flaking. Bending, kneeling or crawli... Read More »

Why are my knees hurting?

You just have to look at their answers to know they don't know what is causing the pain. How could they have three different reasons the same pain happens? Not to scientific if you ask me. It's ... Read More »