My knees hurt me constantly! What can I do?

Answer patellofemoral syndrome in a 15 yr old?i would think chondromalacia patellaconservative approach for a torn meniscus?no way!mushroom shaped bone is probably osteochondroma- leave it alonemeniscal... Read More »

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What does it mean if your knees and elbows hurt and ache?

Judging from your age, you're probably just growing. It can also be the way you workout. You're too young to have joint problems, so I wouldn't worry.

My knees hurt really bad after playing sports. What should I do?

The same thing happens to be but with my ankles. I was told to ice them really good after everytime you get done playing. It will start making them not hurt. Hope that this helped. It worked fo... Read More »

I tripped and hurt my knees...can i sue?

Get real. Just because you are clumsy and make a human mistake doesn't mean someone else is responsible for your clumsiness. Do you really expect the entire world to create a safe bubble for you to... Read More »

Why do my knees squeak and hurt?

Sounds like a little runner's knee. AKA jumper's knee. (Patellar Tendonitis) is an inflammation or injury of the patellar tendon, the cord-like tissue that connects the kneecap (patella) to the shi... Read More »