My knees crack like an old womans?

Answer Exercise. The more you use them the stronger those ligaments and muscles will get. If you're like any 13yo i know you barely go outside. Just get moving. Get active. It'll help. I promise!

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Why do my knees always crack?

Same thing happens to me. My right knee cracks when I flex/bend. It's been like this far about a year. I just try to stretch more oftenly. I'm not sure why it's how it is, but I wouldn't worry ... Read More »

Why do baby's knees crack and pop?

I'm an 12 years old and have had croup for as long as i can remember and I have herd other people coughing like me of the same age

What does it mean if my knees crack every time i crouch?

If there is no pain associated with the cracking of your knees there is nothing for you to worry about.Often when the knee moves from a flexed to an extended position the ligaments in your knees wi... Read More »

My knees and ankles crack a TON, like unhealthily a ton!?

I'm like that and I'm 17 but my knees still hurt for no reason and burn inside so don't worry bones cracking never hurt anyone I'm active 2 but I Ot told I was over active by a knees specialist