My knees and ankles crack a TON, like unhealthily a ton!?

Answer I'm like that and I'm 17 but my knees still hurt for no reason and burn inside so don't worry bones cracking never hurt anyone I'm active 2 but I Ot told I was over active by a knees specialist

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Do I have arthritis in my hip, knees and ankles?

I broke my finger when I was 17 and it has never been the same. It works fine but It's definitely different than before I broke it. I would say your hip is in the same position. That doesn't mean y... Read More »

Has anyone ever had pain in their legs around the knees and ankles and all of a sudden vericose veins appear almost overnight in early pregnancy?

Answer I am pregnant as well and found this information online, hope it helps! I would ask your doctor about it just to be safe though.Many women first develop varicose veins or find that they get... Read More »

Why do my knees always crack?

Same thing happens to me. My right knee cracks when I flex/bend. It's been like this far about a year. I just try to stretch more oftenly. I'm not sure why it's how it is, but I wouldn't worry ... Read More »

My knees crack like an old womans?

Exercise. The more you use them the stronger those ligaments and muscles will get. If you're like any 13yo i know you barely go outside. Just get moving. Get active. It'll help. I promise!