My knee still hurts from crash two years ago?

Answer Don't know. You need to go back to the doctor and ask him what it is. Doesn't sound like your knee healed correctly that you still have a bump and pain. It could be an abscess or cyst too.

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My knee is swollen and bruised on the lower kneecap i fell rollerblading its been a week and its still swollen and bruised it hurts to extend it im 13 years old whats wrong?

It is going to take a few weeks for the swelling to go down. Go see a doctor to have an x-ray and a MRI done to make sure that you did not tear anything in your knee. I also hurt my knee cap a mont... Read More »

My knee hurts and keeps giving out!!?

The excessive exercise could've made it worse

I poped my knee and now it hurts!?

rest it, ice it, elevate it (higher than your heart). If you can't bear weight on it after a few hours you need medical attention. A popping sound can indicate a connective tissue injury.

I am starting to cry cause of how bad my knee hurts please help?

You can use warm water and just leave it there for about 3 min I think it will help cos that wat I do everytime after cca