My knee is hurting really bad!?

Answer its probably just a strain use the ICE protocol for a few days if it does not get better or gets worse go to the doctors and wear a light support when walking have you had problems in the past.

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Why is my knee hurting?

Your knee joint can be affected when you have abnormal gait after cast removal. You have probably been moving your leg in an abnormal way to compensate for muscle weakness in your lower leg. Try cy... Read More »

I fell at football and hurt me knee really bad and evrytime i walk my knee pops what should i do?

Try putting ice on your knee and then rest it. It should settle down in a day or two,if not then I suggest you get it checked out with a doctor.................

Why has my knee been hurting?

I have the same problem with my knees, I play a lot of football and basketball and I am 19 I have been playing sports since i was 10 years old. My doctor tells me usually I put to much pressure on ... Read More »

How can I get my knee to stop hurting?

Stetching the area as in doing deep squats, flexing the leg, are good ideas as it will help get the optimal stretch needed. Yes I know it hurts but all you can do is apply the RICE concept to help,... Read More »