My knee hurts when i run, should i get a brace?

Answer i have the same issue its probably just hard on your joints go to the drug store and get a satndard knee brace and you should be good

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Should I wear a knee brace?

Absolutely, wear the knee brace if it feels better with it on. It will help keep your knee from getting worse. If you don't need it all the time, don't wear it all the time. Then follow the doct... Read More »

Knee hurts when i stand?

If you grew a lot recently, it could be osgood-schlatters or patellofemoral pain syndrome

My right knee hurts when i jump?

Get some knee pain products which are made from silicone. It helps you to get relief from the pain. Will suggest some best knee products to you. Hope it helps. Please take a look.

Knee hurts really bad when playing volleyball?

I have done this before. You have probably twisted/sprained your knee. Sometimes a sprain does not bruise or swell, so the pain is the only thing you have. I would reccomend icing it, even if it ha... Read More »