My knee hurts when i run, should i get a brace?

Answer i have the same issue its probably just hard on your joints go to the drug store and get a satndard knee brace and you should be good

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Which knee brace is best?

Hi Maggie,Like the other answer, I personally prefer the DonJoy knee brace. It's good quality. I wore this brace when I hurt my knee. It turns out my meniscus was torn, but I had ignored it and pla... Read More »

Should I wear a knee brace?

Absolutely, wear the knee brace if it feels better with it on. It will help keep your knee from getting worse. If you don't need it all the time, don't wear it all the time. Then follow the doct... Read More »

Can i get a knee brace for Tendonitis?

I would recommend using plenty of ice and an ace bandage to help give it some minor support , you should also express your concerns to the physical therapist they can do several different treatment... Read More »

What is a valgus knee brace?

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, the valgus knee brace, also known as the unloader, is used to support and reduce knee pain of the medial compartment in osteoarthritis patien... Read More »