My knee has almost doubled in size...?

Answer Hi EsmeRose,I'm sorry about your knee! Knee injuries can be serious and there's a lot in the knee that can be hurt and cause pain ranging from a sprain to a tear.What comes to mind is a possible me... Read More »

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Almost 2 months after a total knee replacement is it normal for my knee to still be red and hot?

I'm not a Dr ...But that's where I would be now or the emergency room to find out what's going on ...There's something wrong ....SomewhereI wish you the best... Let us know how your making out

My areolae have doubled in size?

It sounds to me like they're just growing. The first thing that grows when breasts grow is the nipple area for some, so it's pretty common and nothing to worry about. The rest will follow soon

Nipples doubled in size Help!!?

That's completely normal, it grows because the skin in your breast stretches out from growth. Larger breast usually have larger areolas, otherwise it'd look augmented and unnatural, don't worry thi... Read More »

Should I worry lymph node doubled in size over one night?

yes, by biting lymph node the size increased automatically.Prudent to see a general surgeon for permanent cure.