My knee feels tight please help?

Answer The muscles in your thighs will tighten up and pull into your knee to give you those pains,. That also causes unwanted wear and tear in the joint and you don't want that either. good call on it ... Read More »

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Neck feels tight... Anxiety?

This sounds it is your anxiety when you feel down or nervous you muscles tighten up This will effect your neck because you are not relaxed and biting your nails would not cause you to feel hot and ... Read More »

Sprained my ankle.. Healing.. but feels tight when I walk?

The warm compress will help (if it is still swollen, ICE until swelling dissipates), but in addition to the warmth, you should stretch. What you want to do is very thoroughly stretch your leg (ach... Read More »

What's it mean if your period only lasted 2 days and now your stomach feels tight and you feel like you need to puke?

Something in my left knee feels out of place?

Sounds like a dislocation of the patellar bone in your knee.