My kitchen size is 10(L)ft x 12(B) maximum budgt is 65000/-, is it possible to make a modular kitchen?

Answer There are hundreds of manufacturer and you have to choose the design that you like most. Prices vary from Rs.40,000/- to ??? Sky is the limit. Just visit the site quoted under.

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I recently purchased a kitchen set from Argos , the kitchen set was stated it was non stick?

how recent?if you still have the receipt, and it was under their limit, they have a no questions asked money back policyit used to be 16 days, but i THINK it was extended to 21 days, check their w... Read More »

What is the recommended distance between a kitchen counter&a kitchen island?

The minimum recommended distance between a kitchen counter or run of cabinets is 36 inches. This distance can vary, however, depending on appliance clearance requirements, desired work flow or the ... Read More »

If I put a bed in my kitchen and rent that out because I never use the kitchen, should I notify my landlord?

What, do you live in New York? lolYou definitely need to notify your land lord especially if you are going to give somebody access to the place. However do you really think somebody is going to jus... Read More »

Kitchen Design Ideas for a 13X10 Kitchen?

Kitchens contain a uniquely concentrated group of functions and elements that present design opportunities and difficulties. You need a food prep area, a stove and oven, a sink and a refrigerator. ... Read More »