My kids don't want to go to their dad's house do they have to?

Answer If they are minor children and the visit was ordered by the court, you and the children do not have any choice. They must go or you can be taken to court on it as contempt of a court order. Maybe i... Read More »

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What if the children dont want to go to their dads?

My parents got divorced and i NEVER want to go to my dads but if i didn't my sis will get lonely so i go

You are looking for your dads mom and dad but you dont even know her real name where do you start?

Get a lawyer they will help you with all of this! It the only way I know of to adopt someone you already know.

How do I get wifi at my dads house!?

There is no non-trivial way to get on a secured wi-fi network. If there was, what would be the point?...

How do you tell your mom that you don't want to come home from your dads house because your too scared?

You could have your dad tell her. That would mean you would have to tell him which I hope is safe for you, and he would then have to do something about it, like getting some help. Good luck to you.... Read More »