My kid wants to eat meat for the first time, but ive trained him to be vegan. help?

Answer Let him try it, instead of making it a forbidden fruit and that much more appealing. Ten to one, he won't like it, and may possibly get sick if he's never eaten it.I have a good vegan friend who ke... Read More »

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Im trying to be vegan but Im craving meat help?

If you have been eating meat than the food in your home is going to reflect that. You need to go to the grocery store and buy some vegan friendly foods, and get a few recipes to cook.It is a good i... Read More »

Can you administer first aid if I am not first aid trained?

You can perform first aid up to the level of a reasonable person. For example if you saw some one bleeding a reasonable person would cover the wound while they call 911.Calling 911, the dispatchers... Read More »

My Wife wants to take a year out after having our first baby. What work could she do from home to help income?

Well, selling on E-Bay sounds good, if you have anything to sell. You say she earns well, but you fail to say in what field. If she is an accountant or something, would there be any possibility o... Read More »

Can i still eat meat if im a vegan?