My kid ate some softsoap what do i do?

Answer Im sure he is going to be okay, but call poison control. That is a number every parent should have posted close by.

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Ingredients in Softsoap?

Classic Softsoap brand liquid hand soaps come in seven scents. The ingredients for each scent are different, which is especially important for those with allergies or particularly sensitive skin to... Read More »

Some men do not want their ladies to have tattoos, some don't care, and some are fascinated by women who ...?

It makes her easier to pick out of a police line-up.

Hey, can anybody say me some books which tell you how to make some gadgets or some electronic stuff?

How about QST magazine?Or back issues of Radio-Electronics and Popular-Electronics.

I just made some some hot nummies would you care for some :)?

What's a nummie?Is it like a cake or pastry, because if it is, them MOST DEFIANTLY!