My jaw pops and clicks when i open and close it?

Answer TMJ stands for temperomandibular joint syndrome. There are things that can help. Don't chew gum or anything really chewy. There are different types of surgery. There is an appliance you can wear if... Read More »

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My jaw pops when i open it and sometimes it locks?

Sounds like you suffer from temporomandibular disorder. It can be caused from a number of different things. Best is to see your dentist and see if he can help identify the problem and give you the ... Read More »

Bath drain cover pops open on its own?

Is the cover loose like a stopper? It's probably getting displaced by movement of the water in the P-trap when other tenants flush about the same time. The drain then gets sections that are full of... Read More »

Do you drink more diet pops than regular pops?

What is used to open&close a circuit?

A switch opens or closes a circuit. The switch is a piece of wire. When the switch is open, there isn't a loop (circuit) and electrical energy won't move through the circuit.