My jaw popped last night and aches a little?

Answer i hope you don't have tmj or anything !!! maybe from martial arts you could have caused some displacment so i would recommend you check on with an orthodontist or someone who specialises with jaw, ... Read More »

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My eye has popped out?

I popped a zit right now?

i usually just use my fingers to pop them. wash my fingers off, wipe the zit area with a tissue, and then use alcohol pads on the area.

My eye has popped out, help?

Ok this is wat u gotta do have a friend go to walmart and get you some super glue(dont go in that way u dont draw attention)then put da glue on ur eye and shuv it bak in!!!lol nice joke!!!!!!!!but ... Read More »

Sty popped, what now?

Guess so. treat like a normal wound in a sensitive area. Clean it up then keep it clean and nonseptic