My jaw is ******* THROBBING of pain. HELP?

Answer Go to your nearest emergency room!

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Throbbing pain in sides of stomach and thirst and urinating frequently. Sweating with pain and burning.?

Urinary tract infection, kidney stones or appendicitis. Go to the doctors, please.Or rehydrate yourself with plenty of water, cranberry juice and apparently lots of mashed potato is good at helping... Read More »

Is throbbing pain a sign of infection?

I have a throbbing, pulsing pain in the front of my leg!?

You could have torn a ligament, maybe have a small tear or fracture

What is a burning throbbing pain in the foot?

Burning and throbbing in the feet can be an annoying condition that people experience at the end of the day. If pain persists during other parts of the day, a medical condition may be to blame.Swea... Read More »