My itouch has wifi bars but doesn't connect to the internet?

Answer It's an Apple product. Doesn't that say it all?

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My iPad 2 will not connect to the Internet unless it has all three wifi "bars". I need to fix it. Please help!?

1 and 2 bars means it has a hard time to connect. 3 bars means it can connect with little problems to your router.

Why can't I connect to my wifi connection on my itouch?

Hi,See that the device is configured correctly with the IP address and so on. Use the router password correctly.I guess there is some interference taking place in between the device, router and may... Read More »

My laptop has Wifi, does that mean it can connect to the internet wherever there is wifi?

Yes you can connect to any wifi network as long as you know they key for the internet( the router code) or if the wifi network does not have a key enabledyou do not have do buy any hardware or soft... Read More »

Full WiFi bars, but no connection to internet?

It's most likely not a problem with the computer, as long as it's connecting to wifi it should be fine. You should see if you connect something else to it if it has problems as well. A quick fix fo... Read More »