My ipod touch is stuck on recovery mode or something like that?

Answer Ouch jailbreak not worth it, try holding the centre button for about 20-30 secs, if no joy try both power button and centre button for 1 minute, this should reboot the handset, if not mate it will ... Read More »

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Jailbroken iPod Touch stuck on recovery mode. I can't restore it with iTunes or reboot it like normal.?

try putting it in duf mode.( if it doesnt make a sound on your computer then you have to time it.) if u dnt know how to do it. hold the top and bottem butten Dow for 10 secs then let go of the bott... Read More »

Ipod stuck in recovery mode?

I will assume you have been on the Apple Support site or have visited a local Apple store if you have one close to you. It sounds as though the software ROM has been corruped on your iPod somehow.... Read More »

Your ipod is stuck in recovery mode and it wont restore what do you do?

Easy esse look hold the sleep botton and home botton together for about 30 secs, more likely that the ipod will turn off in less then 30 seconds.Plz correct me if i wrong.

How do i put my ipod touch into recovery mode?

1. turn off ipod, hold the sleep button, until the slide appears, then slide to turn off.2. hold the home button.3. while still holding home connect the ipod to the computer, the itunes icon should... Read More »