My internet speeds automatically got boosted up to 300 kbps. why , how.?

Answer i think ur ISP has upgraded all your speeds tell me ur ISP name i will also choose that 300kbps for 128kbps .............................enjoy urself well if u ask me maintanenance keep a good anti... Read More »

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In regards to internet, what does Kbps and Mbps mean?

Kilobits per second and Megabits per second. If calculating download speed, remember there are 8 bit in 1 byte of file size.

How fast is 768 kbps Internet connection?

no it's not. you need at least a 1 mbps connection. ..but even 1 mbps not good for hd.i agree with other answer...~ 2mbps would be it...but even that for hd, might not be good if your isp gives you... Read More »

Download speed of 512 kbps cable internet connection?

To determine ur "real download potential", u just got 2 convert ur kbitsps to kBytesps.This is simply done by dividing it by 8 (8bits=1Byte). 512kilobits per second = 64kiloBytes per second so if u... Read More »

Is there any difference between Kbps and kbps (capital and small k)?

The 2 common units to express internet speed, kbps and KB/sec.kbps is KILO BITS PER SECOND.KB/sec is KILO BYTES / SECOND.(Value in KB/Sec * 8 ) = value in kbps64 KB/sec * 8 = 512 kbps.... Read More »