My internet just shut off!?

Answer Download a program called Malwarebytes. It will help you get rid of spyware. Then, reset your Internet Explorer settings back to default.

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My computer just shut off randomly?

overheating and power supply auto shut off to prevent damagemost likely causesneeds a new cooler due to most likely stock coolingrecomended 30 percent better then stock Read More »

Why does my computer just randomly shut down?

Here r some reviews abt the same all ,then, u will get an idea of wht is going on in ur pc.--------------------------Your problem isn't gone; what is causing it is not being triggered... Read More »

My computer just randomy shut off it did twice what could it be?

Why should I shut down my computer when I can just unplug it?

Shutting down allows the computer to correctly close all running processes and update the registry and temp files/cache and any data files attached to programs.If the computer suddenly loses power ... Read More »