My internet connection has a max download speed of 5 mbps why can I only download files at 400kbps?

Answer Well if your downloading via peer2peer, such as limewire, ares, morpheus, or any torrents, its not going to go that fast, because your actually downloading from another persons computer and they pr... Read More »

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My download speed is 1.4 Mbps yet I only download at 170KB/s?

1.4 Mbps is 1.4 megaBITS per second.Given that one usually counts 8 bits to one byte, a download speed of 170 KB (kiloBYTES) per second seems perfectly reasonable (1400 / 8 = 175, the rest is lost ... Read More »

How to increase my internet connection and download speed?

Check your connections and make sure you aren't daisy-chaining your telecomms line to your adsl device. Other than that you are pretty much stuck with your speed unless you want to pay for a better... Read More »

Download speed of 512 kbps cable internet connection?

To determine ur "real download potential", u just got 2 convert ur kbitsps to kBytesps.This is simply done by dividing it by 8 (8bits=1Byte). 512kilobits per second = 64kiloBytes per second so if u... Read More »

How to Download Large Files With a Dial Up Internet Connection?

Downloading large files is as easy as downloading small ones ... if you have a quick Internet connection. But if you have a dial up connection, all files--no matter what their size--take a long tim... Read More »